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Necklace is an art of jewelry, which is usually worn around the neck by human. Long long ago, human has mastered the skill to adorn themselves with the necklace. The original necklace is commonly made of stones and cord, and often used for vital occasions, such as ceremony, religion, magic, or funeral. In some cultures, it symbolizes wealth and status. In history, necklace has experienced 3 times transformation. Whether the element or the design, they have changed on its own. Now the stones and cord has been replaced with gold, silver, diamond and pearl.
Jeulia unique selection of fashion necklaces is designed and handcrafted by jeulia design studio. Jeulia womens necklaces are made of sterling silver and eco-friendly stones, which can shine like diamond. These popular necklaces are befitting for any neckline with best price. We have diverse styles for your any outfit, such as bohemia style and nature style. All stunning styles not only can accessorize your look, but promote your temperament.