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I had originally ordered a different ring, which was extremely uncomfortable, and it actually bruised the sides of my fingers. I sent pictures in, and easily exchanged rings. This ring is stunning, dainty and just gorgeous!
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I can't say enough good this about this set. It's absolutely gorgeous. Not to big, which I like. If you buy this ring I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
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This was for my granddaughter. This ring is really cute and durable. I would buy it again!
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Very happy with my necklace.
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This ring is stunning! I needed a new one for the party and this was perfect. The size I ordered was perfect.
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Victoria T. Bonville


My son got this for his wife for Valentine's Day and she simply loves it, it's a delicate, and thoughtful gift to give to your wife or girlfriend.
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Ring looks so great and classy! I almost bought one very similar at a local jewelry store for $400. I’m so glad I checked here before making my final purchase. I love the way this ring looks on my hand with a white long sleeve collard shirt.
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I do really like the style of Japanese Koinobori. Pictures do no justice!
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Looks shiny and has stayed nice for a month now. Definitely a good purchase!
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Omg! Just got the ring and I just cannot stop looking at it! It truly is beautiful and everything I anticipated.
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